Small Change, Big Impact

We’re celebrating the small changes occupational therapists make that have a big impact on the people they support. You can read here our members' stories about the impactful changes they make every day. Find out more.

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Begw Jones and Lucy Morris
Lindsay Noble
emily watkins
Judith Keefe
Amy Croft
Kristina Walker
Eve Ovenden
Katie Moffat
Rosalyn Daly
Kay Bolton
Emily Courtier
Oluwaseun Alese
Dr Lisa Taylor
Nina Bedding
Christine Parr
Deb Knowles
Amy Dootson
Veronica Swainson
Daryl Louise Haye
Cherry Yeung
Nina Phoenix
Dan Waldron
Claire MacLean
Leah White
Mary Lowe
Heather Manktelow
Susan Pride
Jacqueline Cairns
Begw Jones and Lucy Morris
Sue Kenney
Louise Wilson
Alison Carver
Catherine Darling
Ashleigh Gray
Saffron Youds
Abbe Harvey
Karen Studley
Aviva Richards
Penny West